I’ve never been a very good turian.


I’ve never been a very good turian.


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Now you see me…

Now you see me…


Eric Standley, a Virginia-based artist who works with laser-cut paper, creates amazing and awe-inspiring layered paper cuts of extraordinary complexity that successfully marry Gothic and Islamic architectural elements in tiny cathedral-like spaces.


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❝ Writing is like everything else: the more you do it the better you get. Don’t try to be perfect as you go along, just get to the end of tha damn thing. Accept imperfections. Get it finished and then you can go back. If you try and polish every sentence there’s a chance you’ll never get past the first chapter. ❞

— Iain Banks (via phdfan)

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garrus vakarian;
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Mokamvilias in Greece

In English, they’re usually called bougainvilleas (after the French admiral Bougainville), and their thorns are WICKED sharp. (Trimming one of these guys? Make sure you have kevlar-lined leather gloves, because they’ll cut through any other kind of work glove. No joke.) 

But they sure are beautiful when blooming!

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TMNT Mini Bang Author Sign-Ups: Now Open!


Hello everyone! 

The magic day has arrived, and author sign-ups for the TMNT Mini Bang are now open! 

Author Sign-Up Form! 

Please make sure to fill in all the fields, and please use an email address that you check frequently, as that’s how I’ll be getting in touch with you. 

Author sign-ups will be open until September 30th, so if you’re not sure if you want to take part or not, you still have plenty of time to decide! In case you wanted to check the timeline for the Mini Bang, you can find it here.

As a quick note, I’m at work all day today, so if you have issues with the form or have questions, you’ll get a faster response by emailing me rather than messaging me on Tumblr. My email is fashionxxfight@gmail.com. 

All posts about the Mini Bang will be tagged “tmnt mini bang 2014”.

Thank you all for taking part! Reblogs are definitely appreciated — the more, the merrier (or madder — this is the TMNT fandom we’re talking about!)! 


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kindervenom replied to your post: This week’s writing report: Monday: ab…

Yay! Both for your word count AND more Beacon!

:) yep! Almost have a draft of the last chapter done.

It’s long. And, I hope, not too meandering.

phdfan replied to your post: This week’s writing report: Monday: ab…

That’s really good!! Good going! :D

Thank you!

Goals for this week: finish and post that last chapter of Beacon, get back to work on Divided Loyalties, finish up some one-shots I’ve had rattling around… yeah. We’ll see how it goes.

This week’s writing report:

Monday: about 1500 words on Thing A, 200 words on Thing B

Tuesday: let’s not discuss it

Wednesday: 660 words on Thing B

Thursday: 896 words on Thing C, 223 words on Thing B

Friday: 343 words on Thing A

Saturday: 245 words on Thing A, 831 words on Thing B

Sunday: a whopping 2487 words on Thing B

Total words: 6554, daily average: ~936

So, still making progress, still scattered.

Thing B is Beacon in the Darkness, which obviously did not update today. This is probably the last chapter, but it keeps growing, and it’s almost there, but it’s going to need a little more. It’s just… nice to wrap things up with a good ending, y’know? So I want to take the time to get it right.

"You're not so bad, yourself."

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