Minific: Catching a Thief

“Fancy meeting you here.”

“If it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” said Kasumi Goto, “could you disable that alarm over there?”

Rolan Quarn looked up at the thief, who managed to look poised despite being braced against the ceiling in a rather contorted position. “That would leave a trace of my presence,” he objected.

He couldn’t see her eyes properly under her hood, but he thought she rolled them. “Then what are you doing here?” she asked.

He spread his hands. “Perhaps I merely wished to see a master at work.”

“Hmph,” she said, but there might have been a trace of a smile. She did something with her omni-tool, and a moment later a drone appeared—a tiny thing, really, far too small to be called a combat drone—floated across the room, and, with a few well-placed shocks, disabled the alarm and its accompanying grid of lasers.

“Ingenious,” he said.

“Just a little something I picked up from a friend,” she replied.

Quarn watched as she made her way across the chamber, her slim body gracefully twisting into the most unlikely positions. “Pressure plate over there,” he pointed out, helpfully.

“I’m well aware,” she said, and landed on the floor in front just to the side of the plate. She was still at a difficult angle to the locked box built into the wall, but that didn’t deter her as she leaned sideways to hack it. The box was, according to reputation, impregnable, but he was not at all surprised to find she had a program capable of cracking it. She retrieved several small items from the box, tucked them away into discreet compartments on her suit, and looked back over her shoulder at him. “I’d take it kindly if you were absent when I returned across the floor.”

“Miss Goto, I’m hurt. You really think I would let you do all the work and then take your prize?”

She lifted her shoulders. “One can’t be too careful, in our line of work.”

“Very well, then.” He offered her a half bow and backed toward the entrance he’d used. “It’s been a pleasure.”

He couldn’t be certain as he departed, but he thought she might have murmured, “Likewise.”

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